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My First Week Results Using Beyond Tangy Tangerine!

As a health and nutrition advocate it’s not uncommon for me to load up on daily vitamins and supplements and sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what products are really working the best. So I decided to do an experiment with Youngevity’s “Healthy Start Pack” including one canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine, one bottle of Ostio FX, and one bottle of Youngevity’s EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

So I ditch all the other products and stick strictly to Youngevity’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Not only that but I decided to document my results and share them with the world via this blog. So if your interested in the long term effects and benefits of this product simply check back as I update my blog on a regular basis.

Week One: Beyond Tangy Tangerine Exclusive

Noticing more energy in the morning almost instantly after taking the recommended dose. One thing to note, I’m not used to consuming my vitamins as a 12 0z drink in the morning so it takes a little getting used to. Other then that I’m quite pleased with the taste and consitency. Over all the energy and instant pick me up I get when using this product is enough to keep me coming back for more.

I will keep you posted on my results as this is just the first week and I plan on using The Youngevity “Healthy Start Pack” for the next 3 months. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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It seems normal that your body may absorb vitamins better in liquid rather than in pill form. Liquid vitamins are easy to take, and many find thet actually enjoy the taste. Some people describe vitamins in pill form as “horse pills” because they are huge and difficult to swallow, but this isn’t the only reason why you may want to take a liquid vitamin instead of a vitamin supplement in the form of a pill.

When taking a vitamin in a tablet, pill, or capsule form there is a good chance your taking in binders, and fillers. You are also only getting about 5% of the nutrients that you read on the label, basically your flushing you money down the toilet (litterly). If you want to get the most from your vitamins look for a liquid or “isotonic” capable one, you absorb 90-95% of those supplements. I can help in finding these!

Take Tangy Tangerine for example. It Gives You QUICK, More Assured Health Benefits! Most dietary formulas come in hard-to-swallow, hard-to-assimilate pills and capsules that can take hours to be absorbed and assimilated – if at all! In addition, these bulky supplements are usually manufactured with fillers, lubricants, excipients…and even harmful ingredients such as talc and artificial colors! Tangy Tangerine is designed for superior taste, maximum absorption and more complete assimilation by the body’s cells!

The rest of your diet will also help determine how well vitamins stick to you, especially fats. I think many of us have become scared of fat that we avoid it like the plague. Honestly, fat calories should make up about 20% of our daily calorie intake. Fats help us absorb vitamins and nutrients into our system.

Here’s an email I received the other day from a friend:

“I just switched over from One-A-Day (synthetic vitamins) to New Chapter (whole foods vitamins). The cost is more than quadruple, but I only take them 2-3 times a week. No idea if we absorb more vitamins from whole food derived vitamins versus synthetic. or if allIf that’s the case them all pill multivitamins are useless.”

For our whole life we’ve been told to eat well, exercise , and take our vitamins but I was never educated on what kind of vitamins I should be taking. I guess it’s better we find out now then later, because we have a chance to do something about. If your still taking bulky pill supplements and lacking the all day clean energy you get from a real vitamin them my suggestion is to give Tangy Tangerine a try. It’s got a 30 day money back guarantee and you can order safely and securely from this website. Just click the button below.

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