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Last week Youngevity announced the details about their “Healthy Body Challenge” Refer three and your next months pak is free. All you need to do is purchase just one “Healthy Start Pak” and refer just three others in the same month and your next months pak is FREE!

This really is an incredible deal considering the Healthy Start Pak contains three different products including Youngevity’s all famous Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Osteo FX, and 90 EFA soft gels. The pak is valued at over $112 and comes highly recommended by Dr Wallach himself as a base nutritional program that anyone serious about their health and well-being should be taking.

What’s really great about this deal is that you don’t have to be a big time recruiter to benefit from this amazing offer. They say the average person will refer 2.77 people into their network marketing opportunity and at that rate you would just about qualify for your free healthy start pak.

Maybe your concerned you will not be able to refer three people? That’s ok too. I’ve been recruiting and building teams for almost ten years now and have alot of experience when it comes to online marketing. I’d be more then willing to work with you and help you achieve that goal.

On the other hand you may just be interested in becoming a customer. If that’s the case then take the Doctor’s recommendation and purchase the healthy start pak. I’ve been using Youngevity products for well over a year now and I can honestly say their some of the best on the market today.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via phone or by email. Don’t miss the boat. Youngevity is growing at a staggering pace and by this next year it;s possible you could be earning a full time income sharing these amazing products with others.

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I can really feel a huge increase in energy especially in the mornong hours immediately after taking Tangy Tangerine. I found mixing it with a full 16 oz of water will really cut down on the “tangy taste” which isn’t bad if your taking it on an empty stomach. I’ve heard some people like to take during the afternoon but I prefer to use it the morning as a “wake me up” and all around feel good vitamin.

I’m also taking the Osteo FX and EFA both part of the “healthy start pack” Youngevity offers in the backoffice. Osteo FX is for Bone and joint health is increasingly a concern for many individuals, especially Baby Boomers. Osteo-fx PLUS™ is loaded with key nutrients to support healthy bones and joints, including Vitamin D3, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, MSM, glucosamine, and more!, EFA is A proprietary blend of essential fatty acids from borage, fax and fish oils. Used as part of a healthy diet, essential fatty acids may support the body in many ways, especially cardiovascular health.

Taking all three of these incredible products on a daily basis is highly recommended by Dr. Wallach and can greatly increase your chances of improved over all health. I’m now on week two of the Tangy Tangerine healthy start pack experiment and feeling great. I am now used to the daily routine and i must say the taste of these products isn’t half bad either. Of course like many health products it takes a little getting used to but I can honestly say the taste is not bad at all.

So my plan is to continue on taking the Youngevity products and document my progress via this blog. I know Tangy Tangerine has become extremely popular with many health and nutrition fanatics and as the company continues to grow so does my customer base. Of course there are still many that have not yet tried this amazing product so I hope to give everyone enough info to make informed decision on purchasing Tangy Tangerine.

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My First Week Results Using Beyond Tangy Tangerine!

As a health and nutrition advocate it’s not uncommon for me to load up on daily vitamins and supplements and sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what products are really working the best. So I decided to do an experiment with Youngevity’s “Healthy Start Pack” including one canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine, one bottle of Ostio FX, and one bottle of Youngevity’s EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

So I ditch all the other products and stick strictly to Youngevity’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Not only that but I decided to document my results and share them with the world via this blog. So if your interested in the long term effects and benefits of this product simply check back as I update my blog on a regular basis.

Week One: Beyond Tangy Tangerine Exclusive

Noticing more energy in the morning almost instantly after taking the recommended dose. One thing to note, I’m not used to consuming my vitamins as a 12 0z drink in the morning so it takes a little getting used to. Other then that I’m quite pleased with the taste and consitency. Over all the energy and instant pick me up I get when using this product is enough to keep me coming back for more.

I will keep you posted on my results as this is just the first week and I plan on using The Youngevity “Healthy Start Pack” for the next 3 months. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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Meet the good bacteria: Probiotics

Gary Huffnagle, author of “The Probiotics Revolution,” offers these tips about how probiotics can be useful to you:

1. Traveling: To prevent diarrhea or constipation, take probiotics daily for two weeks before traveling. Though most should be refrigerated, some are fine if left un-refrigerated for about two weeks.

2. Stomach flus, viruses, colds: Any illnesses causing vomiting and diarrhea can be improved with probiotics. They’ll cut down on sick time.

3. Food poisoning: Taking probiotics decreases chances of food poisoning.

4. Yeast infections: Probiotics help avoid them. If you get one, they help get rid of it more quickly.

5. Fibromyalgia: It seems this disease really does cause an increase in pain, Huffnagle says. But most people with fibromyalgia also have gastrointestinal problems. Consume more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and other foods that support probiotics and take a form of them daily.

6. Aging: Microflora change as people get older, causing them to be intolerable of foods they once loved or get colds and flu more often. Probiotics may reduce food sensitivities and frequent colds and respiratory issues.

Have you eaten your good bacteria today?

No, seriously. No matter how much you’ve been told to avoid bacteria at all costs by washing with antibacterial soap and cleaning products, some bacteria actually is good for you.

These friendly bacteria, probiotics, not only promote digestive health, they assist in nutrition absorption and enhance the immune system. Microbiologists say they actually prevent illnesses and disease.

“It’s basically a revelation in medicine,” says Gary Huffnagle, professor of internal medicine and microbiology at the University of Michigan medical school. “We always think microbes cause harm to our bodies. The story is a little more complicated than that. The amount of research on this is exploding.”

What are probiotics?

More than being good for you, probiotics — which already grow inside our bodies — are powerfully important in disease prevention because the body’s digestive system plays a starring role in the body’s defense system. Huffnagle says scientific evidence shows taking probiotic supplements or eating foods containing probiotics every day will help knock out illnesses, and discomforts such as allergies, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Youngevity’s recession proof recipe for healthy living and consistent paychecks has done it again! Already a force in the US and Canada, their recent expansion has opened them up in over 65 different countries! Over the last 13 years, Youngevity has gone above and beyond yet again to prove you can make an honest living from home with their health and wellness products or life changing weight management product, called ASAP.

Broke or not, you know at least one person who has a strong medical reason to get more vitamins and nutrients in their diet. It could be lack of energy or maybe there’s a hereditary curveball looming in the future. Most of us just plain aren’t getting enough nutrition from the food we eat. I found Youngevity because people who knew me well knew I was looking for something that would help boost both my mood and my weakened immune system.

So if you’re going to get healthy, wouldn’t it be nice to make cash along the way? It’s 2012 and the Internet is full of people converting opportunity into cold, hard compensation. That’s where I come in- to help you learn what works and whatdoesn’t both on and offline so that you’re positioned to succeed no matter what lane of the race you start in.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I get so many sign ups in Youngevity, and the answer to that question is pretty simple: I give people what they want. I locate my target market, I craft together a solution to one of their biggest problems, and I deliver it at exactly the right time. In other words I invest a lot of time into blogging.

Of course blogging isn’t the only traffic generation strategy I use, but it is a very powerful one when you learn how to do it properly. It may be one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever possess. Click the link below to get started as a Youngevity distributor and I recommend you purchase the “Healthy Start Kit” for $112 on auto-ship to start. Please call me at home if you have any questions.



Five Star Marketing

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National economics aside, the homefront for those of us working with Youngevity has been looking pretty sunny lately. Fresh from the company’s Training Seminar last week, alot of us have put our noses to the grindstone in light of all the exciting new things revealed by the CEO. From new products to Pay plan additions, the day was packed with powerful information that demonstrates that no matter what the financial forecast looks, Youngevity really has become the safe harbour in the storm.

Perhaps the most exciting, several new additions to the Youngevity Product Line. The first, called ‘ASAP’, is a weight management supplement that functions without the use of stimulants but instead utilizing thermogenesis to help burn fat cells. It also boosts energy levels while at the same time curbing the body’s craving for carbohydrates and complex sugars. The second is the Anti Aging Healthy Start Pack, an antioxidant formula, intended not just to help flush out heavy metal toxins, but also to promote healthy new cellular regrowth. Our bodies are constantly reproducing new cells everywhere from our hair and skin to our organs and bones. And those cells need optimal conditions in order to continue growing as strong and healthy in old age as they did when we were young.

The new coding bonuses were also announced to go along with the new CEO Packs that give new reps a chance to sample all of our most popular products and become “CEO Qualified” in the process. Exciting things are happening everywhere you find Youngevity reps. If you don’t believe me, simply ask one. I’m sure one of us would be more than happy to send you a sample of the Rebound Energy Drink or Beyond Tangy Tangerine for free so you can try it for yourself. Once you see how effective it is, you’ll see why the buzz is building coast to coast for the all of the products in the Youngevity product line.

Call Five Star Marketing for a FREE Sample 845-849-1658

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I’d like to share my Beyond Tangy Tangerine experience with you and let me start by saying it’s a positive one. I started taking this amazing product about a year ago and it didn’t take long for my body to respond. Within the first few days I noticed an all around increase in energy and mental clarity. I can honestly say it helped improve my attitude and I noticed I wasn’t craving junk food during the days. Of course with these types of results who wouldn’t brag about it.

Imagine being satisfied with less food. Feeling content enough to walk away from the table, but energized enough to keep moving around. Unfortunately, mixed messages about food exist everywhere around us and they make it really difficult to tune into what our bodies are asking for. That’s why Youngevity settled on the name “Beyond Tangy Tangerine”. For many of us, it takes more than just celery sticks and the treadmill at the gym to get back in shape. For many of us, Tangy Tangerine may just be the answer.

True Story: I recently had a customer contact me about purchasing 48 canisters of one of Youngevity’s more popular products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine. He asked if we could sell him 48 for $38 a piece. Purchased seperately Beyond Tangy Tangerine goes for $48.50 per canister so I was almost positive we couldn’t offer a price like that. But I decided to call young Youngevity corporate and ask. To my surprise they were very helpful and receptive to the idea. A few days later we were able to complete the transaction for over $1800 which made my customer very Happy and of course I was feeling good about a nice commission earned.

And if your dying to find out just what’s actually inside this product click here for the FACTS label! If your still not sure Beyond Tangy Tangerine is worth the investment them call me at home and I’ll ship a sample to your house or business. I’ll even pay the shipping charge! Because I know 3 out 4 that try it will buy it and with those numbers I can afford to cover the shipping cost.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine comes in a 420 Gram Canister or 30 Count Boxes for samples and travel. The canister goes for $48.50 but if you buy two at a time you can save $12.50! Buy 3 and save $25.50! The 30 ct box sells for $62.50 or you can buy a bulk pack of 125 individual sticks for $236.25. These would be good for the convenience factor and aslo to sample out to friends and family. That’s about everything and if you have any other questions please dont hesitate to call me at home.

If you would lime to purchase Tangy Tangerine please click the “Buy Now” button located in the upper right hand corner of this website.

Five Star Marketing

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As I’m writing this blog post I’m looking at a brand-new box of Youngevity’s “Beyond Tangy Tangerine.” The new sample box has made it even easier to share with friends and family. You will also find an age defying antioxidant blend including Coenzyme Q-10, Lutein, Grape seed extract and more.

It’s hard to imagine such a great tasting product packs so many healthy ingredients. With over 115 fruits and vegetables your body is sure to perform at peak levels the way it was intended to.

What’s even better is I get paid to share this amazing product with other people. In fact Youngevity’s pay plan is one of the most powerful ways to earn residual income that I have ever seen. Imagine making the sale once and getting paid for life.

With the addition of FDI our company and product line has gained a great deal of credibility. If you’re not familiar with FDI, I recommend you do a search on the web and research more about this amazing company.

Although FDI has joined forces with Youngevity the opportunity is still the same. We have the ability to share products that everyday people need and use and we get paid for doing it. Not only that, but we’re allowed to build sales teams at Youngevity and leverage our efforts through other people.

As one of the Youngevity team top leaders I make myself as available as possible for training and support. We also have one of the most powerful Internet marketing systems on the planet. We never charge extra for our training and tools and I make it my personal mission to help everyone succeed.

If you’re looking for more information visit my Youngevity Opportunity blog here or call me at home 845-849-1658.

In conclusion I must say now is the right time if you’re looking to get started with Youngevity. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet and we will be responsible for helping thousands of others live the American Dream!

I would like to thank you for doing your research and taking time to find out more about Youngevity and Beyond Tangy Tangerine. I am a real person and I do answer my phone. I look forward to speaking with you and have a blessed day.

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The Top Youngevity Leaders are using a simple concept to build their business and accelarate through the payplan with ease! Enroll just 3 personals and teach your people how to do the same, and you’ll maximize your profits. No other company has a payplan like this and when you factor in over 400 products to chhose from there is just no competition what so ever.

Imagine earning a few thousand per month and teaching others to do the same. The new Beyond Tangy Tangerine Sampling System works and it’s more than trippled my business in the past few months. It’s quite easy to rise to the top of the payplan and with better than 1 out of 4 people joining off the Free Samples you won’t have to go through hundreds of people to get there.

I recommend everyone invest in the Tangy Tangerine samples but if your current budget doesn’t allow it, than I got you covered. Fortunately the Samples are working well for me and yes I am making a nice profit giving them out for FREE! I stock pile a bunch of these bad boys and would be willing send a few freebies out to your customers on YOUR behalf. This way you get the credit when they join and I also get paid. It’s a true Win, Win situation.

Just take a look at the Youngevity videos on my website. It’s a roadmap for you to follow with detailed instructions on how to stay comitted and build a strong residual income with Youngevity. We provide the confernce calls, training webinars, and marketing tools you need to market your business successfully both on and offline.

We’re currently looking for a handfull of people to mentor to the Top. Experience is not required but will be helpful. If you are looking for a sponsor to join than why not join a team instead. When you join with me, Your joining a Team of dedicated leaders and together we will coach you to success.

Click here to Join  (link opens in new window)

If you have any questions please call me anytime 845-849-1658

Onward and Upward,

Five Star Marketing


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I can’t stress mindset enough guys, your ability to keep and maintain a positive mental attitude is of the utmost importance in this business. I watch people all the time work hard at their business, investing long hours and big money on advertising all to watch it not work out in the end. It’s a tough part of the business watching people give it their all and come up just short of the finish line but it’s a reality and we need to be willing to accept that before we can move forward on our journey.

It all starts with the way you think! Do you know your thoughts are the only thing you have 100% control over in your life. It is true, and the sooner you realize this blessing and take advantage of it the sooner your life health and wealth benefit.

Your thoughts dictate your emotions and your emotions dictate your level of happines. Maintatining a positive attitude is the first part of developing a winners mindset. Show me a winner and I’ll show you a person comitted, positive and motivated. It’s almost impossible to to stay motivated and committed if you don’t keep a positive mindset.

There is a good story called “3 Feet From Gold” in Napolian Hills Think and Grow Rich Book. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it. Baiscally what the story says is that most people give up on their goals and dreams to soon. Almost is almost a way of life for most of us. So many times I have seen people get it going, building momentum and minor successes just to give up 3 feet from gold.

If you work on your belief level and challenge yourself to stay positive though the ups and downs than the universe will reward you for your efforts. The law of attraction is real and many of the powerful American leaders in history know this to be true.

You need to be prepared for success and and developing a winners mindset is the fastest way to prepare yourself. Don’t let success pass you by. Work on your mind by reading book and listening to motivating cd’s and attend trainings. You need to ask yourself an important question. If success were to come your way would you be ready for it?

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